Computers – How Tiny Are They Getting?

Remember in elementary school when you heard about the first computer? When your teacher told you that it took up a whole ROOM? Do you remember how ridiculous that sounded – a computer that took up an entire room? I still remember when I was told this. I remember looking to the back of the classroom and seeing that desktop whirring away. An entire room just for a computer? I was astonished.

Now, as I reflect on this experience, I realize that it was only astonishing to me because I had never thought about how the size of a computer could change that much over time. I realized this when I was babysitting a family friend’s daughter. She is six years old, and very aware of the technology around her (she has an iPod already and can use a computer better than her parents). When I told her that computers used to need CPUs and would take up an entire desk, she was the astonished one. She glanced at her parents’ MacBook Air and wondered how that was possible.

I realized that the changes in technology are very apparent in each generation. But this makes me think – when will it be the time when people are accustomed to (barely) seeing computers the size of a grain of sand? Will the technology keep getting smaller and smaller, or will this trend change?


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