Pearls…are always before Swine.


1) What was your reaction to the picture above?
a) Meh.
b) It was okay.
c) I liked the pig.

If you answered c) or d), please read on. Especially if you chose d).

This is the epic comic strip “Pearls Before Swine” by Stephan Pastis. And it also happens to be my favorite comic strip, not only because my favorite animal is a pig, but because it is FUNNY. You can check out some of his comic books here at your nearest Wake County Public Library. Caution: Crude humor involved.

But we don’t need to stop at his books, oh no we don’t. We can also watch his animated podcast on iTunes, called “Pearls Before Swine Animated Cartoons”. Download iTunes, and then go to “Podcasts” at the top. Type in the podcast name and subscribe. It’s free too. The podcast page is shown to the left. <– Or, if you don’t feel like downloading, simply watch the Playlist here on Youtube.

Still not satisfied? How about THIS. You can get a gadget to your iGoogle homepage. (Don’t know what iGoogle is? Click here for more information) Simply go onto your iGoogle homepage, click “Add Stuff” on the top right of the page, and search for “pearls before swine”. You can get comic strips right to your iGoogle. Picture to the right –>

What if you’re a toughie to please, and you STILL WANT MORE. Go to your iGoogle homepage, click on “Change Theme” (it’s in the same spot as the “Add Stuff”), and search “Pearls Before Swine”. Add the theme and voila. It’s your iGoogle theme. The picture is on the bottom left <–

And if you are still disgruntled…well, you can always go back to reading your textbook. But why not give this a try? Hey, everybody needs a bit of a laugh once in a while.



2 Responses to Pearls…are always before Swine.

  1. louise says:

    Hi! I think this is a great comic strip. Could you please tell me what volume it comes from?

  2. hils says:

    i’m not sure which volunte it’s from, but all of his books are pretty amusing. 🙂

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