Gum… You like to chew it, We like to make art with it!

This past month there was a gum art program for teens at Eva Perry. Each person received two sheets of white card stock, one of which was for “Gum Holding” and the other was our “Canvas”. Lindsey told us that we should chew the gum for 15 minutes before it was pliable enough to be spread on our canvases. Most of us chewed until we were ready for the next piece, everything went faster that way, and chewing multiple pieces of different colors made for some interesting flavors!

We also learned about the Italian artist Maurizio Savini. He makes gum art and some sell for over 55,000 dollars. Here is one of his sculptures-

Now I’m not saying that some of our gum pictures weren’t GREAT, but if any of us made anything this amazing I would be VERY surprised. Here is a gum picture of flowers that I thought was amazing:    

And of course some of our less amazing pictures, of Jellyfish Princesses (for example-Mine)

As you can see there were different levels of gumtastic ability, but no matter, we made it into the newspaper, not front page news, BUT….

And if you plan on going next year, Make sure your ready for the post-soreness of your jaw, we chewed ALOT of gum…Who knows?  Maybe you could do this for a living.


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