Oh Yum. Asian snacks.

So you want to try something new. Why not ditch your Cheetos and try some of these Asian snacks?

1) White Rabbit candy

This candy never lasts long at my house. It’s milky, chewy…but the weird thing is that my favorite part is the edible rice paper that the candy is wrapped with (not the actual wrapper — the clear wrap inside). They have several different flavors, but the one I recommend is the vanilla kind, which is the original. White Rabbit has had a looonnnggg history in China — my parents ate it when they were kids! 🙂 White Rabbit originated in China.

2) Pocky Sticks

Oh yum. Have you never tried these before? You have to. It’s a type of biscuit dipped into chocolate — or other flavors, if you want. You also have to try the one dipped in chocolate and coconut. That one’s my favorite. You should also try the dark chocolate and the one with almonds. Pocky originated in Japan.

3) Shrimp Crackers

I grew up eating these. THEY’RE DELISH. I used to take a packet of these to orchestra parties. Unfortunately, my teacher hated them. But that’s another story.
They’re crunchy, salty, and addicting. Obviously, they’re flavored with shrimp. Kind of like chips, I guess. But I prefer these.
This brand is from Korea.

4) Wasabi Peas

Oh yum yum yum. I lovee these. They’re addicting. If you like wasabi, you should try these wasabi peas. Or, if you’re not into spicy, you should just try the roasted green peas, like the ones shown on the right. Those are excellent as well. They have a crunchy, flavored, outer shell and a yummy center. This brand is from Japan.

5) Yan Yan

Yan Yan is kind of like Pocky except you dip. You can dip into a variety of flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. My favorite is vanilla. BUT Yan Yan has biscuits that have cute little pictures and sayings. Though I do feel rather bad when I eat the head off of the elephant 😀 Made in Japan.

Well? You think there’s something you like? Now the next question is, where can I get them?

First of all, you can always go to your nearest Asian supermarket and look in the snack section. Or you can order them online, like on Amazon. Course, I’ve never tried ordering online, so you have to tell me how it goes.

Enjoy! -hils


2 Responses to Oh Yum. Asian snacks.

  1. Nicole at Cameron Village Library says:

    Thanks for the great recommendations. I personally love Pocky. I would suggest that anyone looking to try Japanese candy and snacks checkout Toyo Shokuhin. It’s this tiny Japanese shop in Cary. They have a great snack and candy aisle. Whenever I’m there I have no idea what I’m buying but I have a great time and find stuff I would never see anywhere else. They also have tons of flavors of Pocky.

    • hils says:

      Oh, I’ve never heard of that shop before. I’ll have to look it up. I usually go to A&C Supermarket or the Grand Asia, but they’re all in Raleigh.

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