The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Part I

Last month, for my eighteenth birthday, I got to go on my school’s Harry Potter club trip, to where else but the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Number one, this proves I’m a total nerd whose childhood revolved around those books, but number two, Harry Potter World is well worth your while. It didn’t fulfill all my wizarding dreams (my Hogwarts letter was not presented to me upon arrival), but the experience was still fantastic.

Your entrance into the Wizarding World begins with Platform 9 ¾ , complete with train, and move directly into Hogsmeade. At the end of the park is the main attraction: Hogwarts, looking a little tinier than in the movies, but still beautiful and realistic! Hogsmeade contains such shops as Zonko’s, Honeydukes, Dervish and Bangles, the Owl Post, and, of course, butterbeer! I will be reviewing all of these things.

Butterbeer is actually as delicious as Harry, Ron, and Hermione seem to think in the books. If it had been for sale in cases, I would have bought three or four back home with me. The main portion tastes sort of like cream soda, though fizzier, but it’s topped off with a yummy, creamy foam. I think the reason they can’t sell it bottled is that the foam has to be added separately, which is disappointing. The shops are almost always crowded, so be prepared to have to shove your way around. Still, they are worth your time just to look around. Even if you don’t feel like buying any of the expensive items (enticing as many of them are), the architects put a lot of effort into the window and shelf displays. In Zonko’s window, there was even a vomiting animatron advertising the Weasley twins’ infamous Puking Pastilles. When you walk into Dervish and Bangles, you are greeted with the growling Monster Book of Monsters snapping at you from its cage.

Continue to the next post to learn all about the rides and my overall impression!


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