Earthworms. lol jk. APRIL FOOLS. April Fools.

So, having a test in Geometry class on the same day of a midterm in Biology. . . not that fun. ESPECIALLY when on the board it says “HW for March 31st: book page 310 #7-87, book page 278 #45-90 odds, book page 456 #25-75 and Packet Pages 4-8.” FUN. But then, the moment of relief when your student teacher passes out a little slip of paper that saves your weekend.

Now EVERYONE knows that on April 1st, you should play pranks on each other, but WHY? I mean, the tape around the kitchen sink water sprayer, and the clear plastic wrap on the toilet seat, who needs a reason? We just need an excuse, and that, is April Fools day.

April Fools day actually started with people just being confused, and the non-confused playing jokes on them. A long time ago (1564) France changed its calender, making what used to be the new year, April 1st! So the people who stubbornly stuck to having the new year in the beginning of April, had jokes played on them, like people sticking paper fish to their expecting backs. If a person had a paper fish on their back they would be called Poisson d’Avril, or April Fish. The French still call our April Fools their April Fish, so if you play a prank you can shout “APRIL FISH!” but if you explain it to someone, will they believe you? Considering it IS April Fools day 🙂

I don’t know what pranks you play on your family, but my most original ones would be changing my mom’s internet page to something like the Big Red Button,, or connecting another mouse to my dads’ computer and moving it around while hes trying to use the computer. Priceless.

Have fun! And when you get tricked, play it cool 🙂


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