Movie Review: Tangled

Well I finally took the chance to go see this movie that all my friends are raving about. Was it good? Yes. IT WAS BEAST.

Do you like the way Disney is taking classic fairy tales and morphing them into something cooler? I do. How’d you like The Princess and the Frog, the way they added jazz and flair to the whole story? Tangled, as you might have guessed already, is a retelling of Rapunzel. And Disney brings it to a whole new level.

Pascal the Chameleon, my future pet.

Pascal the Chameleon is my absolute favorite character. He is so cute. Of course, the whole Tangled crew is easy to like, from Maximus the horse who can swordfight and sniff out trails like a dog, to the half naked old man in the Snuggly Duckling who swings around being Cupid. Of course, you just HAVE to admire Rapunzel’s spunky attitude and Flynn’s vanity. Haha.

So the story starts with Mother Gothel, an old hag, stealing the baby Rapunzel from her nursery up at the castle. Rapunzel is locked up in a tower hidden away, and is never allowed to venture out and see the world. On her eighteenth birthday, she asks to see the mysterious floating lights that appear every year on her birthday, but is once more disappointed. But that all changes when Flynn Rider comes climbing up through her window on his way to escape from the palace guards

Rapunzel confronts Flynn in her tower

and a couple of thugs with his prize – the lost princess’s crown. After knocking him out with a frying pan (who saw that one coming?), Rapunzel strikes a deal with him – if he takes her outside the tower to see the floating lights, then she will give him back his sachet with the crown. He agrees…and the adventure begins.

Rapunzel and Flynn looking at the lights.

Oh, the lights were GORGEOUS. Look at that still scene right there to the left. Which brings me to the point that the art was amazing (another reason not to miss this movie). The voices were amazing (Mandy Moore as Rapunzel and Zachary Levi as Flynn Rider), and well, what can I say? I was amazed.

A horse that can swordfight? Who knew...

All in all, this is movie that you CANNOT miss. ABSOLUTELY. If you like your films with adventure, humor, and a dab of romance, this is the movie for you. Rated PG, and rated 5/5 stars from mee.

Watch the trailer here on Youtube.



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