The Matt Cruse Series

Airborn, Book One of the Matt Cruse Series by Kenneth Oppel

Matt Cruse is a cabin boy aboard the Aurora, a luxury airship. But it isn’t only the salary that keeps him up there; it’s the fact that he feels most at home in the sky – airborn. “Lighter than air,” they say, “That’s our young Matt Cruse.” And since, well, forever, Matt has believed that if he fell from the sky, he would be indeed lighter than air and be able to fly.

One day, on crow’s nest duty, he suddenly spots a stranded balloon floating in the sky. After jumping aboard and hauling it and its captain onto the Aurora, Matt is spooked by the old captain’s ramblings about “beautiful creatures” in the sky. The man dies shortly afterwards.

Flash forward a year. The Aurora is on another flight to Sydney, Austrailia, and Matt is pretty sure that he will be able to be promoted to sailmaker. But this flight has also another meaning to another upon it – Kate de Vries, a wealthy, outspoken young girl. Between drugging annoying chaperones, escaping from pirates, braving typhoons, and surviving island woods, this unlikely pair struggle to survive in this thrilling heart-stopping adventure. Oh, and everything you see in the sky…isn’t what it seems.

To check out this one heck of a book at your nearest Wake County Library, click here. By the way, the downloadable audio is AWESOME. It is a full cast recording, which means there are special effects and different voices for each character. So you can borrow the audiobook here with Overdrive.


Skybreaker, Book Two of the Matt Cruse Series by Kenneth Oppel

Matt is now somewhat of a celebrity after his defeat of Vikram Szpirglas, the notorious pirate. He’s now enrolled in the once much coveted (and now somewhat dreaded) Airship Academy, across from the university that Kate de Vries is currently attending. After his training session on the small airship Flotsam, he is now more famous because he was one of the select few that had spotted the Hyperion, a legendary ship that is rumored to contain much treasure.

He is the only one alive to remember the exact coordinates of her location.

Now, joining Kate, Miss Simpkins, the suave captain Hal Slater, and the tantalizing gypsy girl Nadira, Matt runs straight into a great treasure hunt to claim the treasure as his own. But he never expects the strange surprises that keep hurling themselves at him. And maybe the cloud cat isn’t the only predator that terrorizes the skies.

Click here to check it out at your library. The audiobook is just as awesome as the first one. Click here to download it.


Starclimber, Book Three of the Matt Cruse Series by Kenneth Oppel

This time Matt Cruse and Kate de Vries go higher than ever. The Canadian government, wanting Canadians to be the first in space, offer the pair the chance to be part of the expedition. Excited, Matt takes the test, but unfortunately does not pass. On top of that all, Kate is to be married off to Mr. Sanderson, a rich man who is absolutely engrossed with bride-to-be.

You won’t be disappointed by this final adventure in the three book series. 🙂

To check out this book, click here. To download the audio, click here.

I’ve heard rumors about a movie coming out for Airborn (by the way, did you know that they’re coming out with a movie for The Hunger Games?! I think the cast chosen is perfect. Excited for that :D). But on his website FAQ, he says:

“…nothing…in 2004 Universal Pictures optioned the book for Stephen Sommers…[the] script…bore very little resemblance to my novel…there were no cloud cats, and my entire plot had been replaced by a story involving magical urns with glowing runes which contained magical elemental powers, and mysterious priests to guard over them…in short: no movie is being made.”



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