Royal Wedding – Reactions

So, last week, I was helping the 3rd grader that I tutor study for his EOGs. He is in an English as a Second Language program, so he was having some trouble with the reading. When we got to a story about the American Revolution, he came across the word “Britain.” He seemed kind of confused with the word; it seemed as if he had never seen it before. I asked him, “Do you know anything about Great Britain? It’s a powerful country in Europe.” He shook his head, implying that he didn’t. I then asked him, “Have you heard anything about the Royal Wedding?” He proceeded to answer animatedly, talking enthusiastically about the wondrous occasion. This just shows how big the Royal Wedding has gotten. These are a few aspects/effects of this wedding that I thought were really interesting –

1) The Flower Girl – Shortly after the wedding, William and Kate (along with the flower girls) waved to the public from the Buckingham Palace balcony. The sound of overhead airplanes and the crowd seemed to be too much for this young flower girl, Grace Van Cutsem (pictured below at the lower left corner).

This little girl went on to become an Internet sensation, and people have even started pasting her head into various other pictures that contain situations assumed to be too loud for her (such as next to Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen).

She’s not a very big Rebecca Black fan either…

2) The Online Wedding Phenomenon – It’s quite interesting that by the beginning of the wedding (which was early in the morning for us here in the U.S.), 40% of Royal Wedding related tweets originated from here in the United States. What’s so interesting about this is that the UK only had 31% of the tweets. Maybe it’s the fascination of an occasion such as this that encouraged Americans to pay so much attention to the Royal Wedding? Or maybe it’s just that we have nothing like this in our country?


3) The Royal Merchandise – The event was much more than just a wedding, as it came along with tons of different kinds of merchandise. These ranged from tea bags to garden gnomes, but my personal favorites were the breakfast creations.

 What did you think of the wedding?


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