Prepare for summer perfection

Students are rejoicing as May comes to an end, but do they really think they’re ready for the summer? Sure, they might be ready in the intellectual sense, but they probably don’t have the right materials to have a good summer. Here is a simple list of things you will probably need to have the most enjoyable summer possible!

This one is a pretty big deal, but people always forget.
Going to the beach? Sunscreen! Not going to the beach? The sun isn’t only at the beach, slather that lotion on.
Staying indoors and using the internet and only leaving your house to stock up on Twinkies? You still need sun protection when you walk from your parked car into the automatic doors of Wal-Mart, buddy.
Sunscreen expires in about 3 years, but its functionality decreases if it is stored in hot places (i.e. inside your car’s glove box). Go for a sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF and read the label! It must protect from all sun rays.
Don’t forget this one, not only is it a necessity, but no one wants to have severe sunburn over the summer.

If you’re going on a trip, throwing a party, or just driving around with your best friends, you must need proper music! No one wants to listen to the has-been hits of 2009 (Boom Boom Pow, anyone?).
I’m sure your friends will think you’re the coolest cat in town when you pull out my personal selections of these new releases.

1] Face in the Crowd – Cat’s Eyes, Cat’s Eyes
What happens when you pair a 60s girl group-obsessed goth rocker with a multi-talented, classically-trained soprano? This eclectic mix results in something I can’t even describe. Surprisingly, it’s very catchy.

2] Where I’m Going – Zonoscope, Cut Copy
You probably heard this song in a cell phone commercial. Bravo! The Australian electronica quartet has been around for a decade-give them some loving and listen to their newest hit.

3] Techno Fan – This Modern Glitch, The Wombats
There is nothing better than listening to The Wombats whist driving down the highway with the windows rolled down. With their catchy harmonies, witty lyrics, and fun dance beats, this indie trio will win your heart with just one listen.

4] Life is Simple in the Moonlight – Angles, The Strokes
The title says it itself. This song is perfect for the nights spent outside, under the stars, listening to nature (and The Strokes!). No wonder it is lead singer Julian Casablancas’s favorite of the album.

Ladies, if you’re still wearing the über-trendy gladiator sandal of 2008, GET REAL. It is the 2010’s for fashion’s sake. I must admit, I wore them, too. But the hassle of buckling so many buckles and the ugly tan lines isn’t worth it this year. This year’s hippest trend is HEIGHT. Behold, the flatform.

Fatuous, you say? You said that about the gladiators a few years back, but then buckled (pun intended) under the pressure and sported them, no? Fashionistas, go for the flatform!
Those of you who are not so lion-hearted, try the wedge heeled sandal, which is just as trendy as the flatform (and not as ridiculous).

Bookworms, rejoice! There seems to be a trend on electronic reading devices recently. The Barnes & Noble Nook, the Amazon Kindle, and the ever popular Apple iPad are serious contenders in the battle of best electronic book device.

Frankly, I prefer the old-fashioned way of cracking a book open and smelling the glue. Plus, I have no knowledge on new technology (I don’t even own a cell phone, for crying out loud!).
It is up to YOU to discuss the best book device there is. If you chose ‘other,’ further discuss your option in the comments below.

Don’t forget to check out the Teen Summer Reading programs at your local branches! If you’re going to read, you may as well be rewarded for it right?

That’s my list! Got any other things you might want to add? Let me know! As a senior, I would appreciate any help on making my last high school summer the best it can be.


One Response to Prepare for summer perfection

  1. lindsey says:

    Thank you for pimping the summer reading program!

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