The Last Day of of Being a Freshman…

MOST people may wait and wait until summer starts, but I dread the last day of school! No, I’m not one of those people for which school is the highlight of my day but, I’m not very fond of endings. When I read a book, I read the last page halfway through. Just so I’ll be prepared, and the last day stretches out 4 days for me, four days of hugs, four days of good bye, and four days of crying.

DAY 1 (June 1st): Dance Class. The class I had every day, for 90 day, first thing in the morning. Today we met in my Teacher, Ms. Oher’s Classroom, instead of our normal 4 mirrored walls with the shiny wood floor. We all sat in desks, new to us, and VERY spread out. Taking the final I was sure about my answers, until, I reached the ballet section.

When we learned dances in class, we would just copy Ms. Oher, so only the real dancers knew the names. So guessing best I could I finished my exam and turned it in. A few minutes later everyone had finished and Ms. Oher started  grading. When she had completed all of the tests, she called us up one by one to see our final grades. When she reached my name I walked up and saw I had gotten a 95 overall! I didn’t think that was too bad! After a short celebration with my friends Nicole and Cathy, the teacher put on an old movie called Shag. Along with the end of the movie, it was the end of the class.

DAY 2 (June 2nd): Geometry. I class I don’t particulate enjoy. Not that I hate all math classes, but geometry would have to be my least liked class. Walking into the room, my brain about to bust from all the previous days studying, I sat in my chair and waited for the exam.

When Ms A handed out the 60 question packet which was to be the determining factor of whether I passed the class or not, I have to say that I was a bit scared, but then looking at the first question, about 3-D shapes (Hello, first week of school) my confidence began to build right back up. The only question I had major difficulty with was the one about cheese cake. Yes cheese cake. I don’t know who comes up with these problems but it MUST be someone who likes cheese cake.

Day 3 (June 3rd): Biology. This was probably the class I had most confidence in, although I only had a ‘B’ all semester. My teacher Mr. G, is really clever and comes up with bunches of nifty tricks for us to remember Mitosis, Meiosis, Diploids, Fluid Mosaics, you name it. Although he was gone for about 3 weeks having a baby, well HE didn’t actually have the baby himself but ya’ know, and was gone all through our plants section, Our class still managed to come out on top of the other teachers, just from his power points.

This was my only class with an EOC, instead of a teacher made final, which means it is issued by the state and they take mishaps VERY seriously. This is what happened to our phones,

1. Turn on silent

2. Turn off

3. Take out the battery

4. Put the battery in the depths of your backpack

5. Put your beloved cell phone and link to the outside world into a big, yellow, box.

6. Watch as the teacher removes the big, yellow, box from the room.

7. Watch as the teacher comes back, empty handed.

8. Begin test, without your cell phone.

Day 4 (June 6th): The REAL last day. The day you REALLY cry, the day long hugs and promises to hang over summer are given. Health/Gym was my favorite class all semester, and I absolutely hated to see it leave. The easy final was 150 question, about time in basketball, serves in volleyball,  and strokes in tennis. If you watched a game on TV, you could pass. After everyone finished my teacher put in the movie Blind Side. The saddest movie I have ever seen. It doesn’t help that almost everyone in the class thinks I’m over-emotional, they just don’t get how never ever ever having P.E. again is so sad it makes me cry. So yes, I did cry a few times during the movie.

When the final bell of the 2010-2011 school year rang, we all slowly walked out of the class room gathered outside, I gave a hug to every person I cared about, even the ones I didn’t really think I would miss, (Which of course, I do) , and cried behind my sunglasses.

I didn’t cry because of fear of a boring summer (Not possible), or a lack of learning (Yeah right), or even a deficit of friends (No way). I cried because that amazing year is gone, those classes will never be the same, and the friends I met during school, might next year be people I used to hang with. You might say take a picture, it’ll last longer, but really, only one moment is captured, and freshman year meant a lot more then a moment in time to me.

One Response to The Last Day of of Being a Freshman…

  1. lindsey says:

    Very nice. This brings back memories for me. I am also a crier. You are absolutely right. Things are fleeting, but that is what is beautiful about them. Yes, most those people you will never see again someday. Treasure each moment, each friend that comes into your life. You have a gift in each of them. The ones that are meant to stay in your life will. One day maybe some of them will be your fb friends who you never actually see. We should treasure each moment. Instead of crying, maybe give a silent prayer of thanks for whoever is beside you and remember never ever to take anyone for granted.

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