Eva Perry Regional Reads: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Review by Kayla:

In The Hunger Games, two tributes from each of the 12 districts is chosen to fight to the death.  The last one alive gets food for their family for a lifetime and a year’s supply of food for everyone in their district. When Katniss voluntarily takes the place of her younger sister, Prim, she is sure she will die. But, she made a promise to Prim that she will really try to win, and right now, that promise means everything. Katniss must now return to district 12 (her home) even if it means killing innocent kids and even her friend Peeta.

This book is great for avid readers. I personally think kids, especially young ones, should wait to read this book as the content is for older kids ages 12+.

Suzanne Collins does a great job with detail and making this fantasy as if it could really happen. There were absolutely no parts that I had found boring as they were all action packed and exciting.

She also ensures that the reader is on the edge of their chair and surprises the reader on every page making the story very suspenseful.  Although this story ends with a very predictable ending, it was worth the read.

Also, if you are a parent reading this, be prepared for your child to be obsessing over it.

Long story short, this book was and excellent read and will have you on the edge of your chair and sneaking into the bathroom at 10:00 at night to read more (which is not a good idea because that’s how I got it taken away and almost got lunch detention for not bringing a book).


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