Teens’ Top Ten 2011: The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson is one of the Teens’ Top Ten Nominations for 2011.


The Sky is Everywhere is about Lennie, a seventeen-year-old girl dealing with the death of her older sister Bailey.  Bailey was the outgoing and vibrant sister while Lennie was happy to let her sister have the limelight.  Without Bailey’s shadow to hide in, Lennie must now become the star in her own life.  When a new boy moves to town and Lennie starts to fall for him, she is constantly reminded of how unfair it is to be in love when her sister never will be again.  At the same time she is also dealing with her complicated feelings for Toby, Bailey’s boyfriend. He is the only other person who seems to understand and share Lennie’s level of grief and their friendship turns from comfort to something more.  A complicated love triangle emerges, full of intense emotions and shocking moments for everyone involved.


This book will make you feel a whirlwind of emotions and you will think about it long after you set it down.  Lennie’s story is well written and even though I’ve never lost anyone that close to me the writing style, a mix of prose and poetry, made me feel like I understood her.  Having two sisters myself this story really hit me on a personal level and made me think about my relationships with them.  Even if you don’t have siblings this book still has the power to make you cry, laugh and gasp all in the same chapter and I doubt you will be able to put it down until it’s over.  In addition to the main characters there are a host of delightfully well-written and unique characters who really make this a one-of-a-kind story. This book is a must-read!


To read more about the Teens’ Top Ten, click here.  To request this book from Wake County Public Libraries, click here.  Voting begins August 22, 2011 and ends September 16, 2011.  To vote during these dates, click here.


Reviewed by Jane from EVA.



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