Eva Perry Library Reads: Emma

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Emma by Jane Austen

Although perhaps not Jane Austen’s most well-known book (Pride and Prejudice claims that spot), it was definitely one of her best. If you think of Jane Austen as being boring and old-fashioned, think again. Her books (including this one) are actually quite funny, once you get into them. It was interesting to get to know each of the colorful characters, and the story (which has a lot of twists and turns, romance, mystery and intrigue, etc.) has a good message, too. I highly recommend Emma as an exciting look into another time. (Sometimes the plot to these things can be a little tricky; try watching the 1995 movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow to help you sort things out.)


One Response to Eva Perry Library Reads: Emma

  1. hils says:

    I enjoyed this book a whole lot 🙂 It was fun and very satisfying, if you’re looking for a light book with a happy ending.

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