Candy Sushi at West Regional Library

Yesterday was a teen event at West Regional…candy sushi! It was fun, yummy, and overall very entertaining. Basically, we used Twinkies, Rice Krispie treats, Twizzlers, Nerds, gummy worms, Swedish fish, and Fruit Rollups to make them. We first looked at examples, like the pictures below:

And then we started. Here are the sushi that my friend and I made:

Want to make your own candy sushi? Well here’s how.

1) Roll out the Rice Krispie treats into flat rectangles.

For the California Roll…

2) Snap a Twizzler in half, take a gummy worm, and put both onto the Rice Krispie. Roll them together into a cylinder. Cut the cylinder off from the rest of the unrolled Rice Krispie.

3) Coat the outside with Fruit Rollup. Then take a sharp knife and cutting straight down (we figured out straight down works better than sawing), separate the cylinder into little pieces of sushi. Add some Nerds.

For the fish-topped one…

2) Cut a little rectangle of Rice Krispie and put a Swedish fish on it.

3) Either tie it up with a Twizzler or with a piece of Fruit Rollup.

For the Twinkies…

2) Take your Twinkie and cut it into fourths.

3) Inside the filling, add some Nerds, pieces of Twizzler, or your choice of candy.

For more fun events at West Regional Library, click here.



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