Argentinian Exchange Trip!

Hey everyone! A month ago, I had the pleasure of attending an exchange trip to Argentina. While I was there, I was able to truly experience a new culture – from everything such as the language to the food and architecture. Some of the really interesting things I learned were –

1) They eat beef or dulce de leche at EVERY meal. I’m not even kidding – there wasn’t a single meal that I had while there that didn’t involve either of these ingredients. Argentina is well-known for its beef, so it was amazing to get to try some while there, but I have to admit – I was so sick of it by the time we left (eating it for breakfast can do that to a person). Dulce de leche is also extremely common there. It is a sweet, almost syrupy ingredient that is consumed on every cake, cookie, or dessert. (It is consumed in a really similar way to peanut butter here.) It is delicious, and it can be prepared in hundreds of different dishes. If you are interested in creating a simplified version of a traditional Argentinian dessert, all you have to do is prepare a brownie, cover it in dulce de leche, and then cover that in whipped cream.

2) Peanut butter is the caviar of Argentina. Peanut butter is actually extremely uncommon there (even though its the favorite food of about 90% of the people there), so when the students at the Argentinian school my exchange trip was working with came to the United States, they actually brought jars of peanut butter back. They really love peanut butter Snickers and Reese’s cups too!

3) The Argentinian version of the White House is actually called the Pink House. One of the visually apparent differences between politics in the United States and in Buenos Aires is the Pink House (or Casa Rosada). The house is gorgeous, and it is not uncommon to see supporters of the current President lined up around the house. Another interesting fact – Argentina actually has its first female President right now (Cristina Kirchner).

4)  The current teenage fashion trends there are loosely based around late 1980’s and early 1990’s fashion. Denim button down shirts, neon colors, oversized sweatshirts, scrunchies, and printed leggings are extremely popular there. The group I went with for the exchange trip loved the fashion there, and we have all been bringing little bits of the Argentinian culture into our lives with it.

Overall, Argentina is an amazing country with a rich culture that is amazing to learn from! I hope these quick observations helped you understand a little bit more about Argentinian culture! If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them below! I hope you enjoy your summer!

One Response to Argentinian Exchange Trip!

  1. Hilary says:

    that sounds really cool:) I esp love the fashion there.

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