Teens’ Top Ten 2011: The False Princess by Ellis O’Neal

The False Princess by Ellis O’Neal is one of the Teens’ Top Ten nominations for 2011.

You know the story- a plain ordinary girl suddenly discovers she’s a princess and is whisked away to live happily ever after.  Except- what if it went the opposite way?  What if you’ve been raised as a princess your whole life? You’ve lived in a palace, been schooled to be the next queen, have tutors and etiquette teachers, and, suddenly, at 16 you’re told that you’ve been a stand-in to protect the real princess.

Your parents aren’t really your parents, your name isn’t even your real name and now – it’s been nice knowing you- you have to go back to a village you don’t remember to live with a relative that  you never met and doesn’t want you.  That’s Nalia’s – now Sinda’s- life.  She’s unprepared for village life, unskilled at even the simplest tasks.  But it’s only the beginning of her story.  A gift for magic, a true, determined friend and the discovery of a shocking secret leads Sinda into a dangerous adventure.  She may not be a princess, but she’s full of courage and smarts and now a whole kingdom is depending on her. Full of drama, danger, romance, suspense and magic, The False Princess is an exciting, fast-paced read.

To read more about the Teens’ Top Ten, click here.  To request this book from Wake County Libraries, click here.  To vote for your favorites from August 22-September 16, 2011, click here.


One Response to Teens’ Top Ten 2011: The False Princess by Ellis O’Neal

  1. chastity says:

    I love this book

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