Software Spotlight: Spotify

About a month ago, if I asked you if you had heard of Spotify, the chances that you would be extremely confused (unless you lived in Europe) would be very high. However, now, the free Internet-based music service is available in the United States, and the word “Spotify” will become as common and meaningful as the word “Facebook” is today. This is going to be a service that revolutionizes the current music downloading industry – it is basically a free Internet based iTunes with almost every song available. This sounds too good to be true, right? Surprisingly, it’s not – it’s a pretty incredible free Internet-based music player with very few restrictions.

You might still be a bit confused as to what Spotify is. It is a software that you can download on your computer or phone (it even works on iPod Touches/iPhones) that has a layout that is pretty similar to iTunes. It even has the “playlist” feature from iTunes – and more (it has a feature that lets you share and email songs or playlists with your friends). The software is very easy to use and get used to, and when you have access to the Internet, the software gives you access to almost every song. Also, in case you are wondering, any songs you might have had on iTunes are automatically transferred to the Spotify software to give you easy access to all of your music in one place.

You might also be wondering how on earth a company can make money off of giving away music online for free in a safe and legal manner. Spotify actually has some restrictions for the free membership. There is a restriction to how many hours you can listen to per month and there will be commercials between songs every 20 minutes or so. Spotify makes money from the companies that pay to have their commercials used. However, paid subscriptions are offered to those who don’t want to deal with the restrictions – for $4.99, you can receive unlimited hours and receive no ads, and for $9.99, you can use Spotify on your mobile device, you can receive unlimited hours, and receive no ads.

Right now, Spotify is available only by invitation for us in the United States. To get an invitation, you can request one at, or you can get sent a request from a paid subscriber. The purpose of this is just to make sure that their site doesn’t crash from having too many people try to get on at once, and the invitation only takes about an hour to get sent to your email. This is a truly incredible software, and I highly encourage you all to check it out! Feel free to leave any questions below!


2 Responses to Software Spotlight: Spotify

    • serenaa8 says:

      Definitely! The site is safe for teens – the advertisements are kid-friendly (the main sponsor is Coke) and the only thing to watch out for is explicit songs. It is entirely up to your teen to choose an explicit song (just as on iTunes), so if you don’t want your son/daughter listening to specific songs, you will have to check their playlists. The explicit songs on Spotify have the same icon as explicit songs on iTunes.
      Also, I believe that Spotify has a new service where they now allow you to “friend” other users and see their playlists from your account (if the other users accept), and this might be a more useful option. I hope this was helpful!

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