Book Review: Decision Points by George W. Bush

So I decided to read George W. Bush’s 481 page autobiography, Decision Points. I’ve never really been into politics myself, (except for when we had to analyze the 2008 election, but then again, I had never really understood the workings of all of it) but I did think it would be nice to see everything from another point of view, other than the constant “Bush ruined our country” perspective.

This autobiography is organized into sections based on major “decision points”, as the title suggestions. These major points in his presidency include 9-11, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Surge. It’s interesting to get these decisions that he made for our people from another perspective, because eventually you realize that it’s tough being a president, and that he’s doing the best that he can for our country. No matter what someone does, there’s always going to be sacrifice, and people are going to criticize you for that sacrifice.

On an interesting note, Obama’s ratings are going higher, but are still relatively low.  2012 elections are nearing us. I heard Romney may be running again. Though some people claimed that the 2008 election was a “party realignment” (which is basically when one party majority shifts power — in this case, from Republican to Democrat), it may be a little early to come to that conclusion. You never know; the Republicans may have a comeback. Right now the Obama administration has to think about how to convince people that the effects of their policies may take a while to have effects, that four years is not enough. What do you think?

Overall, an interesting book. I suggest you read it if you want to consider different perspectives of Bush’s eight years in office. To check it out at your nearest Wake County Library, click here. It’s also available in downloadable audio and downloadable eBook. Click here to see Obama’s satisfaction poll.



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