Summer? Where did you go?

Where did summer go? Where did all this time go? There’s a little over 10 weeks of summer, and by now I have wasted 6 of them. I remember an Arthur show from when I was little and how he and Buster had a list of things to do over summer, one of them being building a rocket that would go to the moon. Arthur and Buster managed to do all of the things on their list before school. I didn’t have a list of crazy things to do over summer–no list at all actually. It never seems like you did anything meaningful over summer– fun things, yes, but meaningful? No. It doesn’t seem like it but as I look back, I realized how many wonderful things I was able to do during my summer.

I supported my friend Kelsey at her tournament. Even though she lost, she was really happy my friend Crystal and I were there to support her (and also there was a boy from out school we got to spy on :P). I went to my friend’s pool party and made friends with a girl from my bio class that I didn’t know very well. I gave my friend a surprise birthday party, and although we were originally planning on going to the movies but ended up watching “Letters to Juliet” at my house, we had loads of fun, and we got to talk MUCH more then we could have in a cinema. I went to my mom’s best friend’s baby shower and got to hold her precious new baby boy.

I was able to go shopping, swimming, boating, to the beach to see a sand building contest, kayaking, and many other things with my BEST “New Jersey” friends. I do so many exciting , amazing, and super fun things with them each summer that I almost have more fun that I do all year long with my “North Carolina” friends. We grew up together on the Jersey shore and we make the most of our short time together. My summer was remarkable. I was able to do so many things that I am astonished that there is still a bit more summer to be had.

Moreover, the only thing that I can pronounce to my next summer, please hurry up and come so you can be as entertaining as you were last year.


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