Talk Like A Pirate Day


Who: This is a day for all pirates! Or just landlubbers who wish to be pirates!

What: Have ye never heard o’ this day before? It be the International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Where: Anywhere on the seven seas that you please!

When: Septemberrrrrr 19th!

Why: What? Why? Why wouldn’t ye want a good excuse to talkee like a pirate?

How: These be my FINEST tips on how to be a pirate!

1. Plan out everything ye might say and make sure to translate it in advance! (and say these words as much as possible Matey, booty, argh, savvy, buried treasure, plank, scoundrel, plunder)

2. Do ye have a Facebook? Change the language to pirate!

3. Walk like a pirate! Sway back and forth and pronounce that you have sea legs, not land legs.

4. Watch some Pirates of the Caribbean to pick up some examples of pirate-y things to do, what types of clothes you can wear (i.e. billowy shirts, ripped pants, no shoes or boots)

5. Bring a foam sword/cutlass or water gun wherever you may need it.

6. Make yerself an eye patch!

7. Wear bandanas! You can never have too many! Wear one around your head, tied around you pant leg, sticking out of you back pocket, you name it!

8. SING! Pirates LOVE to sing! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know any of the words, or if you are off-key. Pirates never had any singing lessons!

9. Tell good pirate jokes, or bad ones…

10. Wear just one gold hoop earring!

11. Wear a pirate hook on one of your hands, or if you do not have one, improvise! Make your pointer finger into a hook shape!

12. Play some pirate games like these!

13. Pick a pirate name!

14. But most of all have fun being a pirate!


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