How to Get Organized for School

Welcome back to school! While I’m definitely going to miss the summer, it’s time to get back to the (less relaxing) schedule of more work than play. To help keep track of your seemingly never-ending list of tasks, I’ve come up with a few tips that have worked really well for me.

1)   Use a planner! 

A planner can be your best friend during the year if you really stick with it. I recommend finding one that shows you a full monthly calendar so you can schedule long-term projects and that has daily planning pages. My personal favorite is the Franklin Covey planner,

which lets you change the pages each month (to keep the planner really light) and each year (so you don’t have to keep repurchasing entirely new planners). I think it is absolutely amazing since you can personalize the pages, choose whether you want weekly planning pages, monthly planning pages, and/or daily planning pages, and use the same planner every year. The planners also have places for any stray papers, your credit cards, and pens!

2)   Use whiteboards! This might not be something you have heard of before, but this is actually a fabulous way to get organized! I recently started using whiteboards for planning purposes, and I absolutely LOVE them! I bought a large, (almost) classroom-size, wall-mounted whiteboard, a smaller, but still wall-mounted whiteboard, and a few whiteboards that are the size of regular 8” by 11” sheets of paper. Furthermore, I found a few square shaped, 2” by 2” magnetic whiteboards just lying around my house. I also purchased a set of multicolored, fine-tipped EXPO markers. I decided to divide the largest whiteboard into eight sections by drawing columns. I labeled the first seven sections each day of the week, and I left the last section blank. In each of the first seven columns, I included space for me to write out a daily schedule, and I left the rest  of the column blank. I filled the rest of the column with the small square whiteboards, which I labeled by subject. These magnetic whiteboards stick to the large whiteboard and let you move assignments from day to day very easily. I turned the last section on the largest into a to-do list where my parents and sister can write anything that they want me to do down (this is an easy way to remember to pick up milk or help my sister with her homework).

I use the remaining whiteboards as to-do lists and guides to plan out long term projects.

3)   Clean your study space! You might have heard this one a few times before (maybe from your parents), but it really does help! Having a clean workspace before you start any project can actually help you stay focused! Since there are fewer distractions surrounding you, you can stay focused for a longer period of time.

I hope these tips help you get (and stay) organized throughout the school year! 


2 Responses to How to Get Organized for School

  1. I thought I was the only one who used white boards at home!

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