Audio/Book Review: The Throne of Fire…and a Cow.

The Throne of Fire is Rick Riordan’s second book in the Kane series. I did a review on The Red Pyramid, which is the first book.

Carter and Sadie, the siblings who are descended from the Egyptian pharaohs Rameses the Great and Narmer, continue their adventures from The Red Pyramid, but this time with a group of trainees that answered their call. Now they are at Brooklyn House with these promising young magicians. The House of Life is convinced that the Kanes are bad news, but their worst enemy yet, the chaos snake Apophis, is rising in just a few days.

Carter determines that the only one who can defeat Apophis is Ra, the sun god. In order to awaken Ra, they need to find the three scrolls in the Book of Ra, and those are definitely not going to be easy to obtain.

On the way, Sadie and Carter face malevolent gods such as Nekhbet and a baboon named Bobby (Babi), get attacked by a two-headed snake, make another bargain with Set, and see a dwarf in only a pair of Speedos. Will Sadie and Carter make the deadline? Will Sadie be able to choose between two amazing boys? Will Carter find Zia? Is there really a god of spit?

An excellent read. I really enjoyed it the entire way through. The audiobook is excellent as well. I think the guy who narrates Carter is the same guy who narrated Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares and the girl who narrates Sadie is the same girl who narrated the Jacky Faber (which by the way, is an excellent series) series. Just an observation.

Also, I made an amazing buy this weekend. I got it for my friend, who loved it. It’s a cup shaped like a cow! Isn’t that great.

This is the cow that I bought.

Click here to reserve the book at your nearest Wake County Public Library. Click here to download the downloadable audiobook from the Overdrive Media Library.



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