What’s “In” Now


Here we have Selena Gomez showing off the latest trend — feather hair extensions. What you do is you take these hair extensions and attach them with a bobby pin. These just hit my school recently, and now I see them on everybody’s hair. If you like to go with the flow, these are totally in. If you don’t, maybe wait until these die down until you try wearing them, because I have to admit, they’re pretty cute.

You can buy them here on Amazon. Here’s a great Youtube video as well about buying, attaching, and rocking the feather hair extensions.

To see more trends, click here:


 Once again, everybody in my school is dying a streak of their hair. Purple, blue, green, etc. I don’t think this is good for your hair, but it’s in. Avril Lavigne, to the right, has multiple hair streaks in her hair. This Youtube video shows you how to streak your hair: first you bleach and then wrap that streak in foil with the dye.


Ooh, these are really cute paired with a floral dress.

Which, by the way, are also in right now. Floral dresses, I mean. Leather waist belts are also in. Strap them around a waistless floral dress, put on these cowboy boots, and bam. You’re ready for a Friday night out 🙂

I’ve been looking for a pair of nice cowboy boots for a long time. If you’ve found any recent deals, please comment below 🙂


Yeahh. I’m not really sure I’d wear one of these, but I saw some at Forever 21 for $15 apiece. I guess they’re warm.


Some flowy top tucked into a pair of jean shorts with a brown leather belt. I’m not so sure it is the belts that are more in as the style is. So therefore maybe the caption should be BROWN LEATHER BELTS ON SHORTS WITH TUCKED IN TOP. But then again, maybe it sounds better just as “Brown Leather Belts”. You can get these anywhere. They’re horribly expensive at American Eagle but good quality, cheap at Forever 21 but bad quality, and good at Target 🙂

What’s “in” for you right now? Are you digging any of the above styles?



7 Responses to What’s “In” Now

  1. nicolea16 says:

    Definitely into the brown leather belts one! Another trend I’ve seen is tights with jean shorts…your thoughts on this, Hils? (:

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  3. Di says:

    and where do u buy these boots? wow!

  4. janet says:

    where can i get the rusty cowboy boots?

    • lindsey says:

      hi janet, not sure where you can find the boots. this post is kind of old. there are a lot of great boots on sale in departments stores now.

  5. janet muniz says:

    lease tell me where can i buy the boots………

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