The Occupy Movement

On July 13th, 2011, Adbusters, a Canadian group, called for a peaceful occupation of Wall Street. On September 17, 2011, it began. At first, a little over a thousand people showed up, but the numbers quickly grew. People camped out in Zuccotti Park protesting, as Adbusters calls it, “CORPORATOCRACY”.

Just after less than a month, the occupy movement had already spread to more than 95 cities in 84 countries. You may have heard of their slogan, “We are the 99%”, which refers to the wealth inequality between us, the 99%, and the top wealthiest 1%.

Yes, there are occupy movements currently in North Carolina. There is one in Raleigh and arrests have been made with pictures of the arrested on the website under a picture labeled “October 15 OccupyRaleigh Heroes”. In addition to Raleigh, there’s Occupy Durham and Occupy Chapel Hill (A Movement Too Big to Fail).

On October 15, the document “99 Percent Declaration” was published, calling for a US general assembly on July 4, 2012, to discuss amendments such as higher tax rates for the rich. However, the current problem is the continual confrontation between the protesters and the police. With such big masses at one time, it’s hard for all the protesters to be “peaceful”. One man was charged with pushing a policeman into a moving bus, while many other protesters have been threatened with pepper spray and batons.

Protesters are organizing over sites such as Occupy Together, which includes a how-to-occupy section and premade posters for protesters to print out.

“Even nine year old Sam knows something is not right”. As he points out in this Youtube video, “They’re just doing the reverse of Robin Hood. They’re stealing from the poor, who need their, all their things to live, and giving it all to the rich. It makes no sense.” Others agree that the economy is failing and America is in a bad situation, but do not feel that the Occupy Movement is the right way to approach the problem. According to some people, the Occupy Movement is complete finger pointing. What do you think?




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