The Pokémon Card Game- Good Friends, Good Times

Hello everybody. I’m Mason, the sort-of-new blogger for the site. Now that break’s here, I can start writing! I’ll cover games, for the most part. Since I’m guessing that you’re not here to read about me, I’ll get straight to the post.

One of the first and foremost things you should know about me is that I’m a card game junkie. I dabbled in Magic The Gathering, the Naruto Trading Card Game (TCG), and Yu-Gi-Oh, but my hands-down favorite would have to be the Pokémon TCG. I forget why, but at some point in third grade a girl gave me a couple cards. I took a look, and was instantly hooked. Ever since, I’ve begged shamelessly to go to all the tournaments near us; they’re just that fun. Let me tell you, like so many other random nerd hobbies, it has a fantastic community. You will find some of the nicest people on Earth chattering away about what deck to use for the next event, or what they think about the latest idea doing its rounds on the internet. They’re devoted, too: they’ve risked life, limb, weekend, and social standing to be a part of the huge, hidden family that spans the world.

This is from the 2011 National Championships. And some people say Pokémon is dead... Oh really? I happen to know the guy in blue- we're both part of team BL.

The game is about skill, perseverance, mental stamina, the willingness to sacrifice your lower back muscles and a big dose of luck. You start with a deck of 60 cards, which you build yourself, stocking it with the cards you think can hold their own. Play your Pokémon down, evolve them, use the rest of your cards to support them, and hopefully KO a few of your opponent’s Pokémon in the process. If you defeat 6 or they run out of Pokémon, you win! Of course, there’s the luck factor. Lady luck likes lulling players into a false sense of security, then delights in giving them hands of one measly, tiny wimp of a Pokémon and a whole bunch of junk. You can’t outmaneuver her, beat her or bargain with her. You can only try to outwit her. Truly devoted (or insane, take your pick) players have been known to stay up all night perfecting their decks (this is where the lower back muscles come in, most games are played on the floor), then play a 12 hour tournament the next day. When you see baggy eyes and a 5-gallon coffee cup staring you down from across the table, you know who you’re dealing with.

All in all, I recommend the game to anybody with free time and $15 to spare. All you have to do is spend a little time exploring the Pokémon website (just google it and click on the card game link) and you can find everything you need to know, like where your local league is, when events are, etc. Join the community if you want; think I’m crazy, raving nerd (you’d be right) if you don’t. Thanks for reading my first ever article! Ja, mata!


One Response to The Pokémon Card Game- Good Friends, Good Times

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