New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year’s resolution? To be able to bench press 50 pounds by the end of January. I don’t think this is something that would happen by itself, but I don’t perceive it as to unfeasible to accomplish. For me, it’s a perfect goal.

The Top Ten “Teen” Resolutions:
1. Get Healthy
2. Get Happier
3. Be a Better Person
4. Find Love
5. Show More Love to Your Family
6. Be a Better Friend
7. Get Better in School
8. Learn Something New
9. Be a Role Model
10. Make Some Money

I asked several of my friends what their goals were and all of them fit somewhere in the top ten “teen” resolutions (listed above).  I think that all of these are fine New Year’s goals, but they are objectives that I strive to accomplish on a daily bases, not especially in a New Year.

Resolutions are generally hard to stick with, after all most people think that they should be life-changing goals. After only one week, just 64% are still on track, and after six months, less than half of the “resolvers” are keeping up with their plan. This goes to show that you should keep your plan SMART.

Specific and Simple- Have a goal that explains exactly what you are trying to achieve, and are able to in a year or less.

Measurable- Be able to come back in a week, or even six months and see where you stand on your road to accomplishment.

Attainable- If you have a mammoth goal that seems almost impossible, try breaking it down and choosing the first step as your resolution.

Realistic- Don’t be so strict that your goal is unrealistic, instead of “I will exercise every day” try “I will aim to exercise 3 or 4 times a week.”

Timely- You have to set a time frame with your goal. If you say, “I want to lose 10 pounds someday” then you might keep on pushing it off. An example of a timely goal is “In the next month, I want to lose at least 10 pounds” this way you have set your mind to action working on your goal.

By having this type of plan, it is easier to stay on track and to come out with a better result. If you choose to make a resolution, even after New Years, I hope this helps! Best of wishes with your resolutions!


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