Movie Review–Green Lantern: The Emerald Knights

I actually thought this was the Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds in it, but sadly I was mistaken. This is actually a series of stories about the Green Lanterns…in cartoon.

It was still okay. I haven’t watched the Green Lantern yet and therefore have not yet formed any sort of attachment to the characters, so I guess if you liked the Green Lantern and its characters then you might like this. Basically, the more senior Green Lanterns tell Arisa, the new recruit, stories about themselves. It’s mostly Hal (the guy with the brown hair) who is talking while they get ready for the battle against Krona. For you Green Lantern fans out there, there were stories about Kilowog (a tough trainer who deems the weak as “Poozers”. My sister started calling me Poozer, and I can say from experience, it is not fun being called one), Laira (a skilled Green Lantern woman who sacrifices much in her return to her home planet), and many of the other very familiar characters.

I didn’t like the cartoon style; it was too flat and 2D for me. The animation was pretty good, but I feel like this series of short stories was more for those with Green Lantern background. I couldn’t really connect to the characters. However, I did enjoy Laira’s story. And the one about the planet that was actually a Green Lantern.

Lesson? Know what you’re watching before you watch it.

Here’s the trailer; see if you like it. Here’s also a clip about Kilowog and Deegan (Kilowog’s trainer, who was as tough as Kilowog is today; in the movie you can tell that Kilowog took a page out of Deegan’s book), and one of Hal attacking Krona at the very end.

Speaking of movies, I went to see the Muppets over break. It was insanely awesome, and watch for a review soon 🙂


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