Maplestory: A New Kind of RPG

Role Playing Games (RPGs), in my opinion, have a bad reputation from games like World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. Don’t get me wrong; WoW and D&D are both great games. It’s just that they tend to be a little too… realistic. Most of the players are older, and you have to pay through the nose to play. But when all hope is lost- MAPLESTORY TO THE RESCUE!

Maplestory Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Maplestory!

Easy on your computer

Most RPGs require supercomputers to run, just because of their great graphics and their complexity. Maplestory opted to make a simple, side-scrolling game that most computers can run to full effect. It doesn’t take long to download, either; I managed it in about half an hour with an older computer.

Simple to learn

If you’re reading about RPGs for the first time and think that trying Maplestory out isn’t worth the time it takes to learn the ropes, I have good news. Any new character is put through a quick tutorial, which teaches you how to slay the adorable monsters that populate the Maple world. All the controls can be learned in under 3 minutes.

No Violence

“Hold up. I thought you just said that you end up slaying adorable monsters. That definitely qualifies as violence.” Not really. This is what a damaged Orange Mushroom looks like, and that’s about as graphic as things get. Even when monsters are defeated, all they do is fall over and fade out of sight. This was a game designed for all age levels to play.

And It’s Fun

After all this description, an image resembling “Dora The Explorer: The RPG” has probably formed in your mind, and I can’t blame you. However, it’s not like that in the slightest. The most important thing about any game is how fun it is to play. Maplestory has somewhere around 25 character classes (this is to gamers what an all-you-can-eat buffet is to a starving man) and a huge world to explore. You can play it for 5 years and still not be bored of it. Believe me, this is from experience.

There are, as to all things, downsides to Maplestory. Luckily, they’re few and far between, but I feel obligated to tell you anyway. Maplestory used to suffer from something called power creep, which is a nightmare for players. Power creep is like this: say you’re a player from a while back, and you have this one character you’ve been spending your time on. It is powerful, it is cool-looking, and it is your pride and joy. But Maplestory, in an effort to attract new players, comes out with a newer character class, which is more powerful than the older ones. The opportunity to use bigger moves and level up faster draws swarms of newbies into the game- half of whom are your level by the time it’s taken you to read this sentence. This can be aggravating for older players, who spent real effort on their characters. But then Maplestory fixed all that with the “Big Bang”. Though power creep was gone, so was the awesome storyline from before. When all’s said and done, Maplestory is not a perfect game. It’s just very close.

I hate to end on a negative note, so I’ll ask this: what’s your favorite online game? My spring break is coming up fast, and a new game would make it much more enjoyable. Ja, mata.


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