Spring Hair Tutorial: Braids and Sidebun

It’s practically spring, and here’s a fun hairstyle with braids and a side bun that you can wear anywhere!

Best for: Long straight hair with no layers. But I have medium length layered hair and I could pull it off–it’s just that there were some loose strands in places.

How to Wear It: Some outfit ideas.
-Wear it with: mint green skinny jeans, white/cream lace top, thick gray scarf, big sunglasses, nude pumps
-Wear it with: pretty floral dress, gladiator sandals
-Wear it with: big artsy (band) t-shirt, black skinny jeans, big statement necklace, nerd glasses, Toms
-Wear it with: white/cream flow-y top tucked into a ruffly skirt (floral or plain all work, best if darker color), thick brown belt around waist, cowboy boots

And of course these are just ideas. The possibilities are endless!

Materials: 1 hair-tie, bobby pins, hairspray (optional), curling iron (optional), accessory like a pretty flower (optional)

The optional are just little tweaks you can put to the hairstyle.

Step 1: Decide which side you want your bun to be on. I usually put mine to the right because it’s easier for me to French braid that side^^. Split your hair into two sections — put more hair to the side that you want your bun to be at. Put the smaller section in front or tie it off so it doesn’t get in the way.

Step 2: If you want some front curls with your curling iron at the end, leave a little bit for that. Then take a section of your hair in the front of the side that you want your bun to be at and French braid across until you get to where you want your bun to be at. You can put it more towards the middle or more to the side if you want. Here’s a tutorial on Youtube if you don’t know how to French braid. If you have bangs, braid your bangs into your hair. Otherwise, just start French braiding from your part.

Step 3: Grab the rest of your hair with the end of the braid and secure it with a hair-tie. Then twist it into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

Step 4: Grab the other section of hair. If you want a curl on that side too, leave a little in the front. Start a regular braid, making sure to angle it towards your bun so it doesn’t stick out randomly when you wrap it around. Once you get to your bun, continue braiding until you reach the end. Wrap around your bun. Secure with bobby pins. Make sure to secure the end of the braid tightly so it won’t come out!

Step 5 (optional): If you want to make sure there is no fly-aways, spray with hairspray.

If you left strands in the front for little ringlets, take your curling iron, and curling outwards, wrap your hair around your iron. Then pull then down a little bit to make them look more natural.

If you think it’s a little too boring, clip a flower on the top of the bun or on the side at the end of one of the braids.

Or add pretty earrings.(:

Happy spring!



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