School Is Ending!

As much as school annoys me, from the hours of homework to having tests and quizzes class after class, I am going to miss it when it ends this June. I know I will still have two more years as an upperclassman, but I know for sure it won’t be the same. The seniors that were my friends when I was a freshman are gone, and my senior friends this year will be leaving. I wish them all luck in college, or backpacking in Europe, but I can’t deny that I want them to stay here and help me finish my high school.

In my school, classes switch halfway through the year, so there are actually two “ends” of school. While I have met a few people who are sad along with me at the end of the first semester, I have never met anyone who feels the nostalgia I do at the end of the year.  For now, I will just have to make do with the time I have left. In my English class, I had a student teacher who left on Friday. I’m going to miss the crazy things he had my class do, like going down to the commons for class one day or writing love poems on Valentine’s day. As much as I will miss that, when I come back after spring break, my NEWLY married English teacher will be there. He got married during spring break and is in Jamaica right now on his honeymoon. This will be the first certified English teacher that I will have teaching my class since middle school almost three years ago- I’m not very excited about the work that may come with that!

In my Spanish class we do the craziest things also, like going outside in the rain to march and chant “di fui vi. Pude puse tuve yo” I still have another quarter with this teacher, but I know it is going to be getting harder- we are starting to prepare for an AP Spanish class.

Although I know I will miss the friends I met there, the one class I know I will not miss is chemistry. In my opinion, the teacher is absolutely insane. She gives an hour to two hours of homework, but doesn’t check it until a few days, or an even week later. Right now, I’m maintaining a “B” in there, but I know that it is only going to get harder!

My last class of the day is Civics &Economics, which is almost two classes in itself. The first quarter is based mostly on Civics, than it is a quick change over to Economics. Nothing much happens in this class and we switch seats so often that I wouldn’t say I had a best friend in there, usually it is the person I’m sitting next to.

No matter how boring or unproductive some of my classes may be, I will cry when I have to see them end. I do not like the endings of books, movies, parties, vacations, or anything that has an end! Some people say that I am over emotional when it comes to the end of school, I mean, SCHOOL, the thing that we are forced to attend for over seven hours each day. The way I look at it though, is that I just think about it more- and I can realize how special every moment is- whether it was wonderful or horrible, good or bad, every moment is amazing to me.


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