DIY: Mussel Shell Earrings

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy any more earrings…but that doesn’t mean I can’t make them. The other day we had mussels for dinner and my dad was about to throw away the shells when I grabbed the whole bowl of them and ran away. “There has to be some sort of use for them…” I thought to myself.

So I attempted to make them into mussel shell earrings. It was slightly more difficult because I didn’t have a super small drill to drill a hole into the top, but I tried to make do.

DIY Mussel Shell Earrings (No Drilling Required)


-a mussel shell: take the two parts apart and wash them thoroughly. If you wish to get rid of the fishy smell you are welcome to, but I really don’t suggest spraying perfume on them since it mixes rather badly with the fish smell.
-silver nail polish. I used Sinful Color Professional silver nail polish. It’s kind of sparkly with a silver sheen.
-earring hooks
-beads: in the end I chose this silver shiny bead:)
-earring wire: it has this sort of head at the top so you can put the bead on and it stays without falling off.
-thin silver wire
-jewelry wire pliers and wire cutters


1) Paint your halves of the mussel shell front and back with silver nail polish. Let dry (I have three in the example picture because I am thinking about making something else with the other one).

2) Meanwhile, string your beads onto the wire with the head at the end. I chose one simple silver shiny bead on each wire, but you can choose any combination you want. Some other ideas are small silver beading beads, shell beads, or pearls.

3) My earring wire with the head at the end didn’t have pre-made ends (rings so you can attach them to other rings from other wires), so I had to make them. To make them, simply take your jewelry pliers, hold the wire at the end with a little bit of the wire sticking out, and twist into a circle. Then take the end which is still straight and twist it into a complete circle.

4) Attach the earring hook to the ends of the wire with the beads on them.

5) Once your mussel shell is dry, place the earring hook with the beads and place it in the mussel shell however you want to arrange it. Take the thin wire that you have and begin wrapping the shell from bottom to top. You don’t have to start from the very bottom; in fact, don’t, because then the wire won’t stay on the shell. When you wrap the shell, wrap strategically. That means wrap so that the BEAD STAY IN PLACE. This means that you won’t have to drill a hole in it to hold everything in place. Make sure your earring hook is facing the right way; when you put it on the side of the shell with the bead should show the right way.

6) Wear!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.




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