Movie Review: The Avengers

Recently, for some reason, I’ve been on a Marvel movies binge. In the span of a month I managed to catch up on almost all of the Marvel superhero movies, and the last one I saw was The Avengers. Despite the original Iron Man cutting it pretty close, I have to say that The Avengers was my favorite of the whole bunch. This may be my favorite superhero movie ever. (And that’s counting X-Men First Class.)

The Avengers begins with Loki, the antagonist from the prequel-ish movie Thor, stealing a cube called the Tesseract from supersecret organization SHIELD and promising to bring havoc to the world with his alien Chitauri army. This does not fly with Nick Fury, who sends out agents to bring together a multitude of superheroes to put the Avengers Initiative in motion. By assembling the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, he hopes that they will learn to cooperate and defend the planet.

Since I loved all of these superheroes in their own movies, seeing them together in one was just too awesome. The character interaction was incredibly entertaining to watch and created a great dynamic within the group. This is probably best displayed whenever Tony Stark has dialogue. The film was also absolutely hilarious– there are parts that made our entire theater burst into laughter and cheers, like pretty much any part of the final battle involving the Hulk. The action was unbelievably entertaining. This movie probably has my favorite use of the tracking shot to date. The action sequences were seriously just too well done.

However, my only big complaint would have to be the uneven screen time given to several characters. I often found myself wondering when Bruce Banner would appear back on screen, especially when he disappeared for a sizable chunk of the movie only to appear on a motorcycle in the finale. My other complaint is the one shared by a lot of my friends: it felt like Black Widow was not necessary for the team at all. While it’s true that she’s clearly very dangerous and an accomplished spy and assassin, she is decidedly underpowered compared to her teammates, since she doesn’t really have any superpowers. Hawkeye is also someone simply very (ridiculously) good in his field, but his special arrows seem significantly more impressive than her ability shoot guns and utilize hand to hand combat. It was just slightly disappointing. While Black Widow would be a standout in any other movie, in The Avengers against a backdrop of giant green rage monster, genetically modified superhuman, guy in a robo suit, and pseudogod, her abilities pale in comparison.

However, despite my complaints, I loved the Avengers. I love it so much that I really want to get the movie on DVD so I can see it again whenever it gets released. It is my favorite Marvel movie to date and I highly recommend everyone watch it. The Avengers is rated PG-13.


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