Handmade Blog: Poppytalk

I’ve recently really been into DIY and handmade stuff (I just cut up an old oversized sweatshirt from a school I don’t even go to anymore and am hoping to turn it into a cute fleece sweater with a pig on the front), and so I’ve been on the search for a good blog with ideas and projects for me to try out.

I found…Poppytalk!

Really, you can find just about any type of DIY/handmade project for any level of DIYer. There’s also a whole bunch of links to other DIY blogs and so I can literally spend hours on this blog, getting distracted by other blogs that they mention. A lot of different bloggers contribute to this blog, so it’s an amalgram of so many creative ideas together. If I feel bored, all I need to do is read through a few entries and my next project comes to mind.

There’s also Poppytalk Handmade which is an online market for people to sell and buy handmade goods. I saw these gorgeous cards from Inkclosures and am so tempted to get my dad one for Father’s Day. I also love these graphic prints from Yellow Button Studio and Ooh Pretty Shiny’s photography.

Poppytalk also publishes online issues of lookbooks here. Everything is so well put together and gorgeous. I love the Mother’s Day + Eco Lookbook. I got a lot of different ideas for DIY projects from there (:

Anyways, back to the DIY. I’ll share some of my favorite projects that I found on Poppytalk.

1. Color-Blocked Coasters: Ah, I love the new fashion trend of color-blocking which was why I immediately took an interest to these coasters. The process is simple and easy to do; the materials are readily available at your nearest craft store.
2. Gold-Dipped Bowl: I think this would be a lovely holder for jewelry, especially rings. It’s simple and elegant, and easy to make too.
3. DIY Neon Projects: Neon is really in as well, and these are some super fun projects for you to try. I really like the neon-tipped shoes.
4. Glowing Jars: This seems like a super fun project for summer. I think I’m going to try this soon.

For all the DIY blog posts on Poppytalk, click here.


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