TV Shows: Sherlock


I have been obsessed with the BBC series Sherlock.

On Netflix, there’s a total of two seasons with three episodes each, but BBC is expected to start producing another season in March 2013. None of the episodes have disappointed me yet. Complete with everything you’d expect a modern Sherlock Holmes to have, there’s romance (well, slightly:  Sherlock isn’t really the dating type), explosions, blood, science, logical explanations, not-so-logical endings (if I elaborated on this I would be giving everything away), and a few too many crazy people.

I’m not really a huge fan of British TV shows, except maybe with the exception of the one about Pride and Prejudice that I can’t seem to recall the name of, but this one blew me away. Neither was I ever a fan of the original books; I like the character of Sherlock Holmes, but for some reason I can never get into Sir Arthur Doyle’s writing.


Benedict Cumberbatch is absolutely marvelous as Sherlock Holmes. After watching him on the screen, it’s easy to tell why I’m not an actor and he is. As Sherlock, he blabbers on and on about these intellectual and miniscule observations, wowing you within possibly the first twenty minutes of the first episode. I say twenty because I’m pretty sure the first ten are about Watson’s psychological problems or something like that.

Martin Freeman is Dr. John Watson, and he adds a tone of hilarity to the whole series by picking out at Sherlock’s faults, such as saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. It’s also amusing to see how Sherlock treats Watson’s many girlfriends, not being able to tell them apart and even confusing Watson into believing that his current girlfriend (well, not current after this incident) had his previous girlfriend’s dog.

There were some parts that were a bit blown over, like the end of the second season. I won’t give it away, but I was totally like, what just happened. This is not even realistic. But then again, in order for Sherlock to have his mysterious air, there has to be some unexplained occurrences, right?

Ever since we got Netflix I’ve been obsessed with TV shows. Be prepared for a review on Once Upon a Time complete with a rant on why Netflix should add the second season soon. Also, will possibly finish Dr. Who and rewatch Gossip Girl.



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