Book Review: The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict


If you’ve never picked up any book of The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart, then you have to, absolutely have to. If you haven’t ever read the first book, don’t even bother to read the rest of this post and click here to reserve it at your nearest Wake County Public Library.

Just kidding. You can read this fourth book of the series without worrying about reading the first three, because this one flashes back to Mr. Benedict, the benefactor of the four children in books, and how he grew up.

Oh and did I mention that these books have the most beautiful illlustrations? 🙂


Nicholas Benedict is only nine-years old but probably has a vocabulary bank that far surpasses the average adult. Not only that, but he has amazingly adept reasoning skills and logic. But having a genius mind has its disadvantages. For Nicholas Benedict is an orphan, and moving from orphanage to orphanage, he has to deal with bullies and adults who are terrified of him. Worst of all, he has a condition called narcolepsy, so when he is emotionally agitated, he just falls asleep.

Nicholas was hoping to get a new start at Rothschild’s End and get along with all the other orphans, but within the first few hours he is already being targeted by the Spiders, a gang of notorious and scary bullies who automatically victimize him after he outsmarts them the first day. All the other orphans are afraid of him, except for John. The only comfort to him is the enormous, beautiful library with shelves and shelves of books, and if any of the children ever watched him read they would think he was only skimming the book because him reading is literally just him flipping the pages as fast as he can. But that’s what a photographic memory and incredibly fast reading skills does to a person.

And just when things seem like they were going to be like every other orphanage, Nicholas hears about the treasure. And suddenly he’s swept into a treasure hunt where he’s going to need all his brain power to find this treasure, and hey, maybe even discover himself along the way.

Click here to reserve it at your local library.


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