I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I Am Number Four is narrated by the character Number Four, one of the few Garde children sent to Earth. Each of these children will gain abilities to fight the Mogadorians, the race that wiped out their planet, but for now they must stay separated and hidden for their own safety.

I Am Number Four is number 1!

At the start of the novel, the Mogadorians have begun hunting the children down one by one. Numbers one through three are dead, and now they are coming after Number Four. He and his guardian Henri move to a small town to hide out. While he is there, he will find love, friendship, and learn how to control his new-found abilities to fight the Mogadorians.

Even though the book is lengthy, it isn’t a difficult read. I read this in one day and when I finished, I was eager to read more. It’s entertaining and has mostly good characters that you can really connect with and care about. You learn much more about Number Four’s culture and world as the book goes on. It is a great first book to start a series off with. I highly recommend I Am Number Four.

Review by Gabriel


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