Love in the Time of Global Warming

Book Cover

Love in the Time of Global Warming follows the journey of a teenage girl in the apocalypse as she searches for her parents and little brother. On the way she embarks on an adventure similar to The Odyssey and falls in love.

I had so many issues with the book. My disappointment started when a teenage boy named Hex meets our hero, Pen, and says, “I love you. What’s your name?” Believe it or not, this is not the most ridiculous part.

What follows are a series of events inspired by The Odyssey that are supposed to be entertaining but seem rushed and badly written. There is even a scene where Pen and Hex run into former valley girls living in a pond. Not to mention there are giants who are hunting down Pen. The author even tries to make you feel sorry for the “madman” who created the giants.

In conclusion, I feel that this book was meant to be an inspiring story of love, individuality, and courage. However, it was too rushed, busy, and badly written to inspire anyone. I recommend this book to anyone who liked The Gift by James Patterson.



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