Eden West by Pete Hautman 

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Eden West follows the story of Jacob, a seventeen year old boy, living in the  isolated paradise of Nodd. Nodd is a world within a world, a secluded land that protects its members from the evils of the world. Jacob has grown up in Nodd his entire life, surrounded by green pastures and faith that the Angel, Zerachiel will come to save him and the people of Nodd. However in the year following Jacob’s seventeenth birthday, he is tempted by a beautiful girl, Lynna, from the outside world. As Jacob becomes further involved  with Lynna, things in Nodd begin to fall apart and so does Jacob’s faith and allegiance to his community.
Hautman’s descriptive language and story telling abilities allows the reader to envision the mysterious world of Nodd. The imagery in this novel creates the perfect picture of deceptive tranquility. As the story unfolds it is clear that Nodd  is not so perfect after all. The reader uncovers the truth of Nodd along with Jacob and as the book goes on things get creepier and more disturbing. Eden West is a beautifully written story about faith, family, and coming of age.
 Although there was some romance, the novels main focus is Jacob and his struggle for faith so those who do not enjoy romantic novels will still be able to enjoy this novel. This book has some mature themes so I would suggest it for older teens.  I would recommend Eden West to fans of dystopian novels such as The Giver, Uglies, and Matched.



One Response to Eden West by Pete Hautman 

  1. Levi says:

    Nice review! I’ve enjoyed several of Hautman’s works. Check out my review if you’re interested: https://leviathanbound.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/eden-west/

    Take care.

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