Book Review : Panic by Lauren Oliver

Reviewed by Tiernan, grade 9


Review by Tiernan, grade 9

Panic is a teen novel set in a small town stuck in its ways. Everything in the town happens like clockwork, day in and day out. One such thing is a competition called the Panic undertaken by the local graduating seniors each summer. The winner undergoes many tests and tasks and is given a cash prize that will change their life.

In the book, protagonists Heather and Dodge both compete in the Panic to earn money to support their families. Like many others in the book, they seek the purse at the end and go in believing they will do anything and everything necessary to achieve this goal. However, what starts as a simple game quickly escalates into much more. The book constantly keeps the reader on their toes with the unique plot and well-developed characters. The book is full of action and thrill but also meets the expectations of realistic fiction as well. This book is probably most appropriate for older middle and high school students due to language and highly questionable moral choices made by some of the characters in the book. Keeping all of this in mind, the book is highly captivating and is recommended for those who enjoy other books written by the author and the The Hunger Games series.


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