The Awesome by Eva Darrows

Book Cover

In this story, you view a somewhat magical world in the eyes of Maggie Cunningham. She’s not like other seventeen year olds. She hunts monsters, ghosts, goblins, zombies, I think you can guess the rest. But when Maggie’s mother, Janice, tells her that she can’t get her journyman’s License for hunting until she loses her virginity, it creates a problem. Fitting in with ‘normal’ kids is not her forte. Finding a date? Well you can read and see for yourself.

I loved this book. Whenever I thought of a tom-boy, I imagined a “Maggie.” She’s real, not flawless. She’s full of flaws. Profanity? Check. Overly Sarcastic? Check. The list goes on and on. Let me not forget her snarky relationship with her mother. It’s throughout the entire story. Several times I sat in my room just laughing. Also there’s never not a scene full of action. If you’re like me, and you crave butt-kicking action, then you’ll love this book.



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