Books to Movies: The Kite Runner

Ella- Northeast Regional Library Teen Leadership Corps Volunteer

The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is an amazing movie, and probably an amazing book too! I watched the movie at home with my dad over Father’s Day Weekend and it made both of us tear up! This book/movie takes place in Afghanistan, Kabul, which is Amir’s home. His father is the richest man in Kabul, they live in a mansion, he gets to hang out with his best friend Hassan all the time, and Amir and Hassan are the best Kite Flyers and Runners in all of Kabul!

One day, Amir overhears his father talking about him and how he never sticks up for himself and Hassan always does the fighting. Then when Hassan is getting a surprise attack from bullies, Amir doesn’t stick up for him. Hassan and his father are Amir’s servants, so when they decide to quit, Amir’s whole life turns upside down. He lost his best friend, the Russians invade, and Amir and his father barley make it when they escape to America. Years later, when the Taliban forms and takes over Kabul, Amir finds out a devastating truth about Hassan. He goes back to try to find him, but since the Taliban do not like his religion or Americans, he is basically going on a suicide mission. But what will Amir find when he goes back to his old home? Will the Taliban find out who he really is? Read the book or watch the movie to find out!

I would give the movie The Kite Runner maybe 4 stars because it was a very emotional movie that made you sad, happy, or even angry at some characters! I would probably recommend it to 12+ because there were some violent scenes and fighting. Other than that, I thought it was a great movie! Not really one of my favorites, but still great! The picture at the top is the cover of the book and the flag at the top is a famous flag in the movie.  The movie cover is shown below.


Movie cover:

Book cover:

Kite picture:


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