Hamilton Music Madness!

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By Marissa Northeast Regional Library TLC Volunteer

Soooo, I am a HUGE Broadway geek (thanks to my Aunt who works in theater) and I am currently OBSESSED with the newest 11 TONY award winner on Broadway…HAMILTON!
I LOVE Hamilton! And as of Sunday the 18th of June, Hamilton left the Tony Awards ceremony with 11 awards! Taking a close second place in most Tony’s won (‘The Producers’ won 12 breaking the record in 2001)
This AMAZING musical started off with the writer, director and the man who plans Alexander Hamilton himself, Lin-Manuel Miranda picking up a biography of Alexander Hamilton and thinking “How has no one made a play of this yet?!”
So he walked into the White House Slam Poetry Event in 2009 saying,
“I’m thrilled the White House called me tonight, because I’m actually working on a hip hop album, a concept album, about the life of someone who I think embodies Hip Hop. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.” (https://youtu.be/t0aX8Jy1tME)
And everyone laughed. But 7 years later and it’s the NUMBER 1 Musical on Broadway currently, that has sold out for the next YEAR, has won 11 Tony Awards, and the cast Album has made into one of the top slots of music charts! WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?!
So let’s go over a brief summary. This musical retells the story of the United States Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, the man on the 10$ bill.
Now I won’t go into TOO MUCH detail, seeing as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. But this musical is AMAZING! The characters draw you into the story, and make you feel like you’re watching the history of our nation take place right in front of you. They make you laugh, they WILL make you cry (like a baby). And they leave you saying “I want to pick up a history book now!”. The music is INCREDIBLE! The Hip Hop and rap add a new feeling to history, and its GREAT! The music is paired with brilliantly

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