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The History of the U.S Open: by Dominic Mastroianni –

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The U.S Open has always been the biggest golf tournament of the year for all golfers, it attracts big-name players, such as: Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Jordan Spieth, Arnold Palmer, Johnny Miller, Hale Irwin etc. The U.S Open is one of all 4 Majors on the PGA Tour. The others are: The PGA Championship, The Masters, and The Players Championship.

Golf 1

(Jack Nicklaus rolls in an 18-foot birdie putt on the seventy-second hole at Baltusral in 1980 to capture the U.S open title)

Let’s Talk Background!!!

The U.S Open was created in 1900, making a HUGE impact on the Golf world. The part “Open” simply means that it is “Open” to anyone qualified, be it amateur to legend, it doesn’t matter; there will always be a winner.

The Course Itself

The U.S Open is staged at a variety of courses, set up in such a way that scoring is very difficult with a premium placed on accurate driving. U.S. Open play is characterized by tight scoring at or around par by the leaders, with the winner usually emerging at around even par. A U.S. Open course is seldom beaten severely, and there have been many over-par wins (in part because par is usually set at 70, except for the very longest courses). Normally, an Open course is quite long and will have a high cut of primary rough (termed “Open rough” by the American press and fans); undulating greens; pinched fairways (especially on what are expected to be less difficult holes); and two or three holes that are short par fives under regular play would be used as long par fours during the tournament (often to meet that frequently used par of 70, forcing players to have accurate long drives). Some courses that are attempting to get into the rotation for the U.S. Open will undergo renovations to develop these features. Rees Jones is the most notable of the “Open Doctors” who take on these projects; his father Robert Trent Jones had filled that role earlier. As with any professional golf tournament, the available space surrounding the course (for spectators, among other considerations) and local infrastructure also factor into deciding which courses will host the event. This Year, 2016; The Oakmont Golf Course of Pennsylvania hosted the event.

golf 2

Here is a picture of a part of Oakmont:

Me and My Golf

I started golf when I was about 6 or 7 years old, I got my interest in the sport from my Grandpa.  He is a golf fanatic.  So I decided to try it out and i loved it from the first time I picked up a club, and i never lost interest.  Now, roughly 8 years later, I have become an unbelievable player and am now a part of the Junior PGA.  If anyone reading this blog feels an interest in golf… PURSUIT IT!  It is the best sport to pursuit and it will help you learn patience, character, and most of all… how to control your temper, and believe me I have had my share in that category.

golf 3

Here is a picture of me on my team, (Orange) on Monday, June 27th:



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