Anime Review: Toradora

August 28, 2012

This summer has been incredibly busy for me but nevertheless I had time to watch an anime that was highly recommended by a friend of mine. It took some doing, since I generally try to avoid romantic slice of life shows, but he eventually got me to watch it and I found that I really enjoyed Toradora, and you should see it too!

Toradora is a show about a high school boy who looks like a juvenile delinquent, Takasu Ryuuji. His scary looks completely overshadow his gentle personality. However, this year takes a turn for the better as he arrives at school and finds that he’s not only in the same class as his one and only friend, he’s also in the same class as the girl he’s completely smitten with. Unfortunately, it’s then that he runs into another girl in his class: Aisaka Taiga, nicknamed the “Palmtop Tiger” as a play on her name and a reference to her diminutive stature. She then proceeds to knock him flat with a punch. Read the rest of this entry »


Movie Review: Howl’s Moving Castle

November 29, 2011

Junior year has been busy sucking the fun out of my life, but I managed to find time on Halloween to watch Howl’s Moving Castle, a movie I’ve been meaning to see for quite a long time but had never quite topped my priority list. Bored and at a friend’s house, we started the movie up and I found I liked this movie. I may not feel motivated to see it again anytime soon, but it was definitely good and worth a watch. Read the rest of this entry »

Anime Review: Tiger & Bunny

October 22, 2011

I was going to say Tiger & Bunny was a weird series, but I realized I couldn’t do that since I watched KHR and that series really just takes the cake when it comes to weirdness. So I’ll settle for unique. Tiger & Bunny is a ridiculously unique anime that is probably one that no one would expect me to watch. Why? Because it’s a superhero anime, and I’m really just generally not into the superhero thing.

Throughout the first arc of the series I was really not sure I would be able to continue with it, because it just wasn’t my kind of show. Thankfully, the series is actually really awesome and I really think it deserves to be watched by everyone. Read the rest of this entry »

Anime Review: Durarara!

September 22, 2011

I watched Durarara this past (much missed) summer, before I was sucked into the black hole of Junior year and battered with homework. Though it was a while ago, I remember really enjoying this anime after a bit of a rocky start. Though I can’t call Durarara my favorite anime ever, I highly enjoyed it and I understand why it has such a large fandom now.

The series begins with a timid boy named Ryuugamine Mikado arriving in Tokyo and meeting his old friend Kida Masaomi. Read the rest of this entry »

Anime Review: Ao no Exorcist

August 24, 2011

Of all the animes that I have watched this lovely summer, I have no hesitation in calling Ao no Exorcist my favorite. I only began watching (during AP season, no less) because of a ridiculously high recommendation from my friend, and I was hooked by the third episode. This series really has potential to become one of my all-time favorite shonens, along with Fullmetal Alchemist and Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Maybe as testament to how good it is, Ao no Exorcist had me in tears by the second episode. Read the rest of this entry »

Anime Review: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

August 9, 2011

If there is one phrase that the cover of Puella Magi Madoka Magica brings to mind, it’s probably something like “ridiculously girly”, “magical girl shoujo”, or “very pink”.

At first I was put off by this anime since it seemed like a standard magical girl series, which is something I’ve avoided ever since my Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew days in elementary school. But after hearing favorable reviews, I decided to give it a try and I was stunned by this series. I’ll just let you all know right now: this is not a magical girl anime in the standard sense. It is a deconstruction of that genre. Read the rest of this entry »

Movie Review: Kiki’s Delivery Service

May 22, 2011

It’s kind of a shame that I never watched this movie before. I’ve likely mentioned this before, but I watched Spirited Away, another Miyazaki movie, at a fairly young age and didn’t understand the plot at all. I saw Princess Mononoke when I was older, but I still wasn’t quite old enough to understand the plot and disliked both movies greatly. Unfortunately this bad history with Miyazaki movies has clouded my opinion of them and I have a tendency to avoid them even now.

This movie has changed my opinion of Miyazaki movies entirely. Maybe it’s just because I’m old enough to understand the movies now, but I have every intention of watching almost all the rest of Miyazaki’s movies now (except Spirited Away, nothing will get me to watch that movie again).

13-year old Kiki is a witch in training, and as per custom she has to leave home for a year as part of her training. Eventually she finds a beautiful seaside town called Koriko, and despite a somewhat less than perfect introduction to the locals, she and her cat Jiji settle nicely into the town. Eventually Kiki begins her titular delivery service, making friends with people around town. Unfortunately, after she is crushed by certain events, the worst thing possible happens to Kiki. She then must redefine herself in the face of losing everything that she believed defined her. Read the rest of this entry »

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