TV: Cake Boss

October 28, 2013

Cake Boss poster

Thank you Netflix for being there during the summer. I’ve discovered this new show called Cake Boss.

It has everything that I would ever want in a show — drama, pranks, love, and best of all, food. This Valastro family may have loud voices, argue all the time, and make dreadful mistakes, but in the end, they all stick together and grow as a bakery. Not to mention, they churn out amazing cake after cake that go past your wildest dreams. A cake that spits fire? Check. A cake that launches like a real rocket? Check. A cake that acts exactly like Bumblebee from Transformers? Check. Any challenge, any demand, Carlo’s Bakery is willing to take it and make it better than you ever believed.


(I’m pretty sure I’ve gone through three seasons in a week, though. Don’t judge me, please.)

Though sometimes you want to smack his sisters in the face, sometimes you want to put the smaller Buddy in his place, and sometimes you want to yell at the delivery boys to do their job properly, in the end, they grow on you, and you feel like you have this extraordinary, extended, loud Italian family by your side.


Definitely a 5/5 stars. Do watch. You won’t regret it, unless you start being late to appointments or missing that summer slumber because you’re so addicted.



TV Shows: Sherlock

February 28, 2013


I have been obsessed with the BBC series Sherlock.

On Netflix, there’s a total of two seasons with three episodes each, but BBC is expected to start producing another season in March 2013. None of the episodes have disappointed me yet. Complete with everything you’d expect a modern Sherlock Holmes to have, there’s romance (well, slightly:  Sherlock isn’t really the dating type), explosions, blood, science, logical explanations, not-so-logical endings (if I elaborated on this I would be giving everything away), and a few too many crazy people. Read the rest of this entry »

Movie Review: Ponyo

August 23, 2012

I’ve recently really been interested in sci-fi and action (or a combination of both) like the Matrix, so I kind of put off watching the animations that I said I would. So when we rented Ponyo from Blockbuster, I was kind of ambivalent.

Ten minutes into the movie, I wondered why I had not watched this movie when it first came out. Read the rest of this entry »

Movie Review: The Avengers

June 19, 2012

Recently, for some reason, I’ve been on a Marvel movies binge. In the span of a month I managed to catch up on almost all of the Marvel superhero movies, and the last one I saw was The Avengers. Despite the original Iron Man cutting it pretty close, I have to say that The Avengers was my favorite of the whole bunch. This may be my favorite superhero movie ever. (And that’s counting X-Men First Class.)

The Avengers begins with Loki, the antagonist from the prequel-ish movie Thor, stealing a cube called the Tesseract from supersecret organization SHIELD and promising to bring havoc to the world with his alien Chitauri army. Read the rest of this entry »

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

April 23, 2012

I have found an interesting trend regarding this particular movie: all the guys I know hated it and all the girls I know loved it. I have no clue why. Either way, I went to see The Hunger Games the week after it came out, and I personally really enjoyed the movie.

I don’t think a plot summary is entirely necessary for this review, but I’ll include a small one anyway. The dystopian country of Panem is divided up into the Capitol and 12 districts, each of which specializes in producing some product. As punishment for a previous uprising against the government, every year the districts each offer up a girl and boy tribute to compete in the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games are a twisted survival TV show in which the tributes must fight to the death in an arena until only one winner remains. The book opens before that year’s reaping, or the selection of the tributes, where we meet our protagonist… Read the rest of this entry »

District 12 Has Awesome Hairstyles.

April 19, 2012


I watched the Hunger Games!

I waited a week after the movie came out to watch it, and then I went and watched it twice. Though a bit too artsy for my liking, it didn’t disappoint. It was nothing like how I felt after Percy Jackson (ugh), and I’m looking forward to Catching Fire.

But this isn’t a movie review.

What I primarily noticed was the hairstyles, particularly the braids from District 12. So I had to come home…and try them on my sister (I have really layered hair so it never works on me D:). Read the rest of this entry »

TV Show Review: BBC Sherlock

April 2, 2012

I don’t think I will ever have a more emphatic introduction to one of my reviews: WATCH THIS SHOW. DO IT. If you don’t, I’m not even disappointed, I’m just sad that your life is not brightened by this absolutely incredible and well thought out TV show.

Sherlock is a modern day adaptation of the classic books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by the BBC. They feature Benedict Cumberbatch (omg) as Sherlock Holmes, an antisocial, rude, and unimaginably genius man who has been described by himself as a “high functioning sociopath”. Martin Freeman plays Dr. John Watson, a man that’s been discharged from the army due to injury and is living a mundane life that bores him to psychosomatic problems. The two men are as polarized as can be, but somehow when they meet each other, it just works. Together they become an unstoppable team that live in a flat on 221B Baker Street and solve crimes, , blog, become famous, and gain enemies. Read the rest of this entry »

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