TV Shows: Sherlock

February 28, 2013


I have been obsessed with the BBC series Sherlock.

On Netflix, there’s a total of two seasons with three episodes each, but BBC is expected to start producing another season in March 2013. None of the episodes have disappointed me yet. Complete with everything you’d expect a modern Sherlock Holmes to have, there’s romance (well, slightly:  Sherlock isn’t really the dating type), explosions, blood, science, logical explanations, not-so-logical endings (if I elaborated on this I would be giving everything away), and a few too many crazy people. Read the rest of this entry »


Teen Video Contest Entry for Eva Perry Library

February 26, 2013

Every year, the Collaborative Library Summer Program hosts a Teen Video Challenge.  Teens, ages 13-18 are asked to make 30-90 second videos to promote libraries and reading that incorporate the summer reading theme slogan.  This year, the slogan is “Beneath the Surface.”

A team of teens at Eva Perry Library created a video for this contest.  After 2 hours of filming and countless hours of editing, our video is complete.  There will be one winner in each state, so wish us luck.  The winning teens receive $275 and the sponsoring library also receives prizes.

The video entry was created by Sahil Thakore, Joey Gizzi, Joey Matthews, Christopher Martinez, and Jack Cicin.  The concept was created by a group of teens, script by Sahil Thakore.  Music is by Nax Torres, under a Noncommercial Attribution Creative Commons License. And here is our video!


Eva Perry Teens Video Contest

January 7, 2013

This coming Thursday, January 10th at 7 pm, the teens at Eva Perry Library will be attempting to create a video entry, less than 90 seconds, for the Summer Reading Collaborative Teen Video Contest.  Any teens can join us for the event.  The theme is Beneath the Surface.  We will need writers, actors, and camera people.  There is prize money involved, $275 for the teen group, and $125 in prizes for the sponsoring library.  For more information, visit the website.

Want to see the winners from last year?  Go here.

Eva Perry Library Teen Advisory Group

October 1, 2012

This week, Eva Perry Library’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG) is meeting on Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 7 p.m. to plan some awesome events for the library and community teens.

The three big events on the agenda are the Rock the Vote program on October 11, 2012, the Super Smash Video Game Tournament on November 3, 2012, and the Hunger Games Festival on November 29, 2012.  Teens meet, help plan events, and earn volunteer credit.    Here’s how one library did the Hunger Games event.  What events would you like to see?

Team West Regional!

February 15, 2012

West Regional teens recently made a video for the CSLP 2012 Teen Video Challenge. They can win $275 and $150 for West Regional Library! Please support by watching and liking their video :] It’s a black and white silent film, and the theme was “Own the Night”.

Watch it here on Youtube. Good luck!

Some background information on why they made the video the way it was (to read after you’ve watched the video):
-The black and white silent film was inspired by Charlie Chaplin.
-The hardest scene to do was the setting up of the tea party. The Mad Hatter and the March Hare were both very tired by the end of filming the scene.
-The Mad Hatter accidently threw the dormouse (which is what she tosses) straight at the camera, which is actually her camera.
-The clipboard were all puns off of the characters that the actors/actresses played. The main character’s (the girl in the rocking chair) email was ownthenight@westregionallibrary which I thought was very clever.
-This took about 2.5 hours to film.
-While filming one of the scenes, Dracula (not pictured in the camera) flips his cape and the whole thing flies away, causing the Mad Hatter to burst into laughter and for the whole scene to be refilmed again.
-In a blooper, the main character is watching the March Hare spazz out and is laughing, but doesn’t realize that she is actually in the film.
-In a blooper, the March Hare hops to Dracula, who is sitting in the corner, but his ears come off.
-The actual planning of the video also took about 2.5 hours to plan.


Win $3,000 for Your Library and $50 for Yourself

March 2, 2011

Teens, how would you like to win $3,000 for your favorite Wake County Library and $50 for yourself!  The American Library Association is sponsoring a video contest for ages 13-18.  Entries are due by April 18.  This contest has no affiliation with Wake County.  Details can be found on the website.

What to Do When You’re Bored

October 11, 2010

I know that it’s not very often that you get a lot of free time, but when you do, don’t just sit around and be bored! There are tons of things to do! Read the rest of this entry »

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