Summer Bucket List

October 28, 2013


Since it’s almost summer, I will be cheesy and put together a summer bucket list.

  1. Lay under the stars with someone special and fall asleep.
  2. Eat $20 of frozen yogurt in one sitting.
  3. Watch a meteor shower.
  4. Have a pillow fight.
  5. Go skydiving.
  6. Go hang gliding.
  7. Ride a hot air balloon.
  8. Walk in ocean water that’s so clear I can see my toes.
  9. Wake up to the car honks and high heel clicks of New York City.
  10. Meet a best friend.
  11. Climb down the window at night and sneak out to Bojangles.
  12. Become an important person in someone’s life.
  13. Make a kid smile.
  14. Have a chick-flick marathon.
  15. Stay in the movie theater for a whole day just watching movies.
  16. Buy a coffee for the next person in line.
  17. Get lost on purpose while driving.

And that’s my bucket list for now. What’s yours? Do you have anything you would add?


Singapore: Artificial Beaches

July 26, 2010

Although the Philippines and Thailand are both very well know for their beaches, Singapore has its share of them as

Some ships floating out at sea near the beach.

well.  Last week I decided to take a bus to a rather famous local beach, know as Sentosa.  Well actually it’s called Resort World Sentosa, and in addition to the beach, it is also a hotel, casino and Universal Studios theme park, but I didn’t visit any of those other things. The beach itself is quite large so I was only able to see a bit of it, but the area  that I visited was really nice.  Many restaurants and bars line the beach (the food and drink was quite pricey though, as I recall), and towards the end there was a large area set aside just for people who want to play some beach volleyball or throw some frisbee.  I thought there would be a lot of tourists there, but actually most of the people lounging about were locals.   Read the rest of this entry »

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