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July 2, 2012

I’ve recently really been into DIY and handmade stuff (I just cut up an old oversized sweatshirt from a school I don’t even go to anymore and am hoping to turn it into a cute fleece sweater with a pig on the front), and so I’ve been on the search for a good blog with ideas and projects for me to try out.

I found…Poppytalk!

Really, you can find just about any type of DIY/handmade project for any level of DIYer. There’s also a whole bunch of links to other DIY blogs and so I can literally spend hours on this blog, getting distracted by other blogs that they mention. A lot of different bloggers contribute to this blog, so it’s an amalgram of so many creative ideas together. If I feel bored, all I need to do is read through a few entries and my next project comes to mind. Read the rest of this entry »


DIY: Mussel Shell Earrings

May 14, 2012

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy any more earrings…but that doesn’t mean I can’t make them. The other day we had mussels for dinner and my dad was about to throw away the shells when I grabbed the whole bowl of them and ran away. “There has to be some sort of use for them…” I thought to myself.

So I attempted to make them into mussel shell earrings. It was slightly more difficult because I didn’t have a super small drill to drill a hole into the top, but I tried to make do.

DIY Mussel Shell Earrings (No Drilling Required)


-a mussel shell: take the two parts apart and wash them thoroughly. If you wish to get rid of the fishy smell you are welcome to, but I really don’t suggest spraying perfume on them since it mixes rather badly with the fish smell.
-silver nail polish. I used Sinful Color Professional silver nail polish. It’s kind of sparkly with a silver sheen.
-earring hooks
-beads: in the end I chose this silver shiny bead:)
-earring wire: it has this sort of head at the top so you can put the bead on and it stays without falling off.
-thin silver wire
-jewelry wire pliers and wire cutters Read the rest of this entry »

Thai String Dolls Craft

October 25, 2011

Halloween is almost here (my favorite holiday), and I thought I’d share a Halloween craft I discovered last year: Thai String Dolls.

Read the rest of this entry »

A Xmas Craft: Holiday Cards

December 6, 2010

Many people send out cards during the holidays, and I am among them. Cards can get expensive depending on how many you buy, and it’s much more personal when you make them yourself. It can get a bit complicated so I will show you an easy way to make lots of easy X-mas cards 🙂

Things you will need:

Hard-stock (Paper or even Index cards work too)

Water Paints

Different sized Brushes

Stamp Pads (You can decide what colors to use) Read the rest of this entry »

Cute and cheap Valentine’s Gift!

February 11, 2009

shrinky12Eva Perry Regional Library just had a great teen program making shrinky dinks! What a fun gift to give for Valentine’s day! Make charms, bookmarks and more. It’s totally girly, so maybe for a your friends who are girls – they would appreciate them more. Or make them together for each other.  You’ll need a heat gun (visit a craft store) and #6 plastic. The directions are located at the link below. Thanks to Sarah @ EVA for sharing this with us! If you want to do it at YOUR library, ask your teen librarian and be sure to bring some friends. Visit this website for diretions.

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