Book review: Diamonds in the Shadow by Caroline Cooney

December 4, 2007


Diamonds in the Shadow is an exciting and suspenseful book about what happens when an African refugee family ends up living with an American family in suburban Connecticut. Jared Finch, a typical American teenager, does not want to share his life or his room with a boy he has never met. The Amabo family seems overwhelmed by American life. They cannot believe the generosity of the church for sponsoring them and the Finches for helping them acclimates to American life. As time goes on Jared begins to notice odd things about the Amabo family and begins to wonder if these are the people that the Finches were suppose to host or has someone made a mistake? Diamonds in the Shadow is a book that deals with the realities of life in a war torn African country and its impact on its inhabitants.

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Review by Marci @ Duraleigh Road Library


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